Management Advisory

Improve Your Performance at the Helm

The overall marketplace is constantly shifting. As your trusted advisors, Buffamante Whipple Buttafaro, P.C. understands the complexities of managing and leading an organization. Our management consulting services are not limited to accounting considerations. We talk to our clients about everything from business strategy and developing new product lines to exiting old product lines, expanding facilities and the financial benefits of moving out of state.

Let Us Help You To

  • Empower your leaders. At BWB, we get that when the going gets tough, making the right management decisions can be a challenge.  Let us be that "outside eye" to help you identify possible weaknesses in your organization's management techniques so we can guide you and your leaders toward improvement.  Let us help you to develop a stellar leadership team that leads to noticeable results in morale and productivity. 

  • Get financial backing. If you’re looking to expand your business or refinance an existing debt, BWB can help you leverage relationships with banks and other lenders to help provide you with the loan you need. We will simplify the process by helping you to understand loan documentation and point you to funders who understand and specialize in your industry. 

  • Merger and acquire. BWB has been on both sides of merger and acquisitions transactions so we know first-hand this is one of the riskiest ventures a company can take. A successful merger and acquisition takes more than simply having the money to expand; the process is usually more complicated than many people anticipate. We’ll work together to manage the details—operating results, capital structure, opportunities for new markets and evaluating your existing markets. We’ll review where it will be beneficial to cut costs and how to transition your acquisition into your company culture. With our vast experience, BWB can help you to carefully assess the positives and negatives and figure out what issues will arise. 

  • Get out of the red. If you’re company is financially troubled, let us help your company to improve its earnings and get out of the red. As the largest CPA firm in the southern tier, we work with clients in a number of industries, making our collective skillset unique. Whether you’re in the hospitality sector, with an auto dealership, school district or in the construction industry, we’ll speak and understand your language while developing effective strategies relevant to your key performance indicators and financial statements. As our clients often say about us, “These people know our business.”

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