Business Consulting

A Beacon on Your Journey

At Western New York CPA firm, Buffamante Whipple Buttafaro, P.C., the key to our success is offering full service solutions to help navigate your financial success. Our ultimate goal is to guide you through every phase in building your business regardless of where you are on your journey. We continuously help our clients understand where they are today, clarify where they want to be then set a course for how to get there and stand by them through every phase of execution. We'll help you to adjust your sails along your route to make sure you reach your business goals.

Let us help you to:

  • Map your long-term growth. Feasibility studies and business plans are the foundation of an organization's success. At BWB, we perform feasibility studies to help identify whether a business concept will work and if you should move forward. As your business consultants, together we'll look at everything your potential business needs to generate profit, identify potential problems and how to overcome them. We'll then help develop marketing strategies so you can sell your winning idea to banks and investors. Your feasibility report will fuel your business plan, which will be your tool to ensure your business' long-term growth.

  • Enhance your quality of life. Organizations depend on high quality, committed staff members to grow and thrive. A key factor in attracting and retaining high caliber talent is a strong benefits plan. When you work with BWB, we'll help you identify cost-effective, reputable benefits solutions to help you and your staff enjoy high quality of life. For small business owners, we get that employee benefits plans can be expensive. We'll help you prioritize which benefits to offer your employees—such as health insurance, retirement plans, holiday and vacation pay, life insurance and disability insurance—so they present a win-win for you and your employee. 

  • Build profit. We've all heard the saying, with finances, it's not just about what you earn, it's also about what you spend. That's why BWB recognizes the importance of cost reduction plans to help your business increase profitability. A profit/cost reduction plan can be an exciting phase in your business. Together, we'll look at opportunities to use new tools to make your business operations more effective, whether it's implementing a new proprietary software or standardizing processes to help your team members perform at their optimum while offering superior products and services.

  • Maximize your long-term revenue. Budgeting and forecasting requires a three-pronged process that entails planning, budgeting and forecasting (PBF). This is often a daunting area for organizations, which is why BWB makes it a point to make this process exciting and inspired. Through planning, we'll help you to identify where you are today and where you want to be in the next 3 to 5 years. We'll establish an annual plan that determines your short-term budget needs then look at the core budget areas of your business—sales/gross margin, capital expenditure, headcount and operating. With forecasting, based on where you are today and the systems you currently have in place to grow, we'll help you determine your revenue and income for the upcoming years so you can continue adjusting your business practices to ensure profitability.

  • Stay on top of trends. To help you stay on track with your long-term business goals, BWB will help your company analyze and compare your financial trends from recent years. This is a critical step for an organization because it helps to reveal what works and what doesn't in your prior business decisions. More important, it helps you to focus on the positives—what your business has achieved, offering inspiration to continue moving forward.

  • Borrow money. In business, we must spend money to make money. The success of any business depends heavily on its financial banking. Whether you're looking to expand your business or are starting up, we'll help you develop a winning proposal to appeal to loan officers.

  • Check yourself. Internal control evaluations are important to help your business determine its organization/operational efficiency, credible financial reporting and compliance with laws and regulations. They are also essential for detecting and preventing fraud. This process is key to helping you to know whether your company is operating in a responsible, efficient manner.

  • Leave a legacy. Strong organizations understand the importance of passing the torch to a new generation of employees. For your company to thrive for years to come, BWB will help you with designing and implementing a succession plan. Together, we'll review where your company wants to be in 10 years or beyond and identify the talent your organization will need to make this happen. We'll establish areas where you can pool for this potential talent and determine transition plans to help existing staff members and leaders attract, train and retain this talent.

  • Choose software. The operational efficiency of an organization can boil down to the quality of its technical tools. At BWB, we are strong supporters of using cutting-edge technology to help businesses provide superior products and services. If you're considering implementing a specific software for your entire company or one department, we'll perform in-depth research on this software to ensure that it meets your needs. Let us help you to make a cost effective decision. New software alone can be very expensive, as can the training, process change and learning curve for staff members.

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