Payroll Services

Payroll Services

GFC Business Systems ~ Payroll Services Group

Payroll Processing with a Difference...
Peace of mind and professional results

Simple to Set-up - Fast and Easy to Use
Quick set-up is guaranteed. We select from master tables of earnings, deductions and tax treatments to customize a payroll that meets your needs. Then you select the data transfer method that is easiest for you, including telephone, fax, or remote PC input.

Superior Quality Assurance
Our system uses built-in controls to promote accurate data entry, including instant on-line validation, and an extensive error detection system. In addition, your Customer Service Representative is available to work with you in meeting special needs as they arise. After all, your satisfaction is our primary goal.

Comprehensive Features
Flexibility and features mean our system is designed to handle all your requirements, no matter what size or type of employer you are. With our unlimited earnings and deductions capabilities, we can handle virtually any request. In addition, we provide tax compliance options, remote PC entry, and interfaces to HR and time clock systems.

Error-Free Tax Compliance
Using the latest information from tax authorities throughout the United States, we automatically calculate your payroll taxes and include the appropriate checks in your payroll. Or if you prefer, our Tax Pay and File service can prepare, file and deposit all your payroll taxes and returns as needed, as well as handle your EFTPS requirements.

Systems Nationwide
The local expertise we offer is part of a national network of payroll providers. The same reliable payroll system we offer has been proven by our affiliates nationwide in supporting thousands of businesses like yours.

Custom Reporting
Special reports can be tailored to your needs, providing you with easy access to information by employee or department. Over 100 standard reports are available, with customization for your business. Our most frequently requested reports include: 401k, Vacation/Sick Time, Union, Section 125, Benefits summaries, and Labor Distribution.